equipment in use at the Excelsior Press

Excelsior Press


Our Goals 
for this web site - and the Excelsior Press Museum Print Shop and Restoration Facility.

1.) To promote and preserve the craft and equipment of Letterpress Printing
2.) To support museums, schools and training of a new generation of Letterpress Printers
3.) To support and maintain a collection of Letterpress Equipment for use now and into the future.
4.) To document and share skills, techniques, tips and tricks used in the Craft of Letterpress.
5.) To archive and share literature related to Letterpress Printing
6.) To tell the story of The Excelsior Press - 1962-2018
7.) To repair and restore Letterpress Printing Equipment - and to help others do the same
8.) To pay the bills and keep this shop intact and operating...
9.) To ENJOY doing all of the above... every day.

I guess that pretty much says it all....

- Alan Runfeldt, Printer
since 1962

page last updated January, 2019