Chandler & Price
Platen Presses

Challenge Paper Cutter
For Sale in Pennsylvania
(available as of March 20, 2012)

Chandler & Price Platen Presses

8 x 12 Chandler & Price Platen Press
(12x18 to left)

Chandler & Price Platen Press

12 x 18 Chandler & Price Platen Press

Presses are available as-is in Pennsylvania - both have original motors, belts and drive wheels, roller cores and trucks.
Both need some tlc - superficial cleanup of light rust and flaking paint and new sets of rollers, but otherwise appear to be intact and very close to being operational.

Both presses include the standard C&P hand-feeding safety device

Both presses include 220v GE motors, switches & drive belts.
Motors tested & work.

8x12 serial number  B-52936 made in 1915
12x18  D-63542 made in 1950

Chandler & Price Platen Press

12x18  D-63542 - New Series made in 1950

Chandler & Price Platen Press

8x12 B2936 - New Series made in 1915

26" Challenge Paper Cutter
Challenge Paper Cutter
Cutter style 265 challenge No-C15301

Pleasecontact Dan to make an offer on either of these presses or the cutter.

for more info on - and complete specifications of the Chandler & Price Platen Presses:
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