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Equipment Available at Darby Litho

Somerville, NJ ~~~ Posted September 30, 2011

Southworth Corner Cutter sold by Lawson Machinery

Darby Litho no longer needs this really neat heavy duty Southworth Corner Cutter sold by Lawson Machinery

This Lighted and Motorized Round Cornering Machine comes with 3 - 1/2" diameter cutting blades and is available at a fair price.

All offers considered.

Potter Proof
                  Press at Darby Litho

This Potter Proof Press is NOT for sale. It was Mike's Grandfather's and will be staying "in the family". It is shown here just because it is such a neat little press..

Mobile Job and Drying rack

This Mobile Job/Drying Rack will handle up to 17 x 22" paper.


Large Bindery Tables in the background are also available.

Make offer.

Black Painte 3/4 sized Type Cases
These 3/4 sized type cases have been (very nicely) repainted black and currently lack their Hamilton Handles.

They are clean and usable. New glassine Thompson Cabinet Company handles are available.
There are
14 -3/4 sized Job Cases,
2 Double Cap Cases and
3 Triple Cap Cases.

Flats Cabinet - 2" deep drawers
Flats / paper / cuts  / Tools Cabinet - 2" deep drawers.

Drawer Detail
Drawer Detail (very clean)

vertical process camera

This Vertical Process Camera can make negatives for exposing your own Photo-Polymer Plates or positives for exposing Silk Screens.

It is available for FREE to anyone who needs one for their shop or studio - and will use it.

3- hile Challenge Paper Drill

This 3 Hole Challenge Paper Drill is in excellent condition and comes with many spare drill bits of many sizes, drill lube sticks, a package of spare cutting blocks, instruction manual and service documents.

It will drill one, two or three holes at once. A highly productive machine for anyone who does any amount of paper drilling.

Make offer.

The Bindery at Darby Litho.

From the Old Days at Darby Litho -

A Photo of The Bindery

Pallet racks at Darby Litho

Darby Litho has

Heavy Duty Pallet Racks

- 30" x 5' - more than 5 available.

Strapping Tool and Strapping Supplies

Heavy-duty Steel Strapping System - tools, strapping and enough clips to last a lifetime.

Available at
Darby Litho, Somerville, NJ.

Heay Duty Dolly/Hand Truck

An extremely Heavy Duty Dolly - can support a 1,000 pound printing press, a stack of filled type cases, or a full skid of paper.

make offer.

Antique Bindery Truck

This very heavy duty

Antique Bindery Truck

inclues a removable - and reversible - old wooden bin with handles.

Make offer

Paper - photo 1 Paper in Open Packages - Quality
                Cover & Book Stock

PAPER - We have a lot of both sealed and open cartons of large sheet stock - 23x35, etc.

Inventory of sealed packages and cartons to follow

Paper in Open Packages - Quality Cover
                & Book Stock

Paper - photo 3 - A-10 Booklet Envelopes -
                and mroe

Cartons of A10 White Wove Booklet Envelopes.

Quoins and KeysA variety of Quoins and Quoin Keys - Wickersham Quoins, Challenge high-speed Quoins, Mini wedge-quoins & keys; Wickersham-like Quoins imported from England.

These will be availble through the Excelsior Press Fundraising Page at posted prices.

Fire Proof Ink and Solvent Cabinet - with
Fire Proof Ink and Solvent CabinetA Heavy-Duty - and very safe

Fire Proof Ink and Solvent Cabinet.

... with plenty of fresh ink in more than 1/2 full 1 lb and 5 lb cans....

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