Complete Small Hobbyist's Letterpress Shop
For Sale in Delaware

(available as of December 30, 2013)
$1250 o.b.o
Update: No Longer Available -  as of  January 16, 2014
This press and equipment has found a good new home.

8 x 12 Chandler & Price Early Series
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Press is as-is in Delaware. Everything works.
  • Press is located in owner's basement - must be disassembled to be moved.
  • Has not been used in 25 years - requires new rollers & tlc.
  • included: furniture, quoins, 5 California Job Cases with Monotype Garamond
  • Press originally came from Van-Fos Type Foundry, Philadelphia circa 1970.
  • Includes Pony Ink Fountain, counter, motor. Treadle could be added.

C&P 8x12 needing rescue
Chandler & Price old-series 8x12 Ser. no. B3384 (1905)

"I bought this press disassembled from an old type founder in Philadelphia about 1970. I used it for many years for hobby printing but not in the last 25 years since moving to Delaware. We are now downsizing and need to get it out of the basement for closing. I want nothing for it except help in getting it out and onto your truck. There are a cases of type and composing equipment with it. It's well worn and a bit rusty but it runs."

- John Reid

Pleasecontact us - or contact John directly
update: Equipment is no longer available - 1/16/14
to make an offer on this Shop
$1250 o.b.o.
Disassembly, removal and moving services available
(by an experienced letterpress shop mover)
by estimate