Vandercook Model 14 Proof Press
Ludlow Model L & Matrices
Hammond Glider Trim Saw
For Sale
in New Bedford, MA 02745

(available as of July 2, 2013)

Vandercook Model 14 Proof Press

Nicole has this Vandercook Model 14 Proof Press in New Bedford Mass and is willing to sell it.
Vandercook Model 14 Proof Press

She Also has this Ludlow Model L Slug Caster - with 220v. Electric Pot
Ludlow Model L

Ludlow comes with cabinet of 20 fonts of casting matrices
Ludlow Model L

And, last but not least is this excellent Hammond Glider Trim-Saw

Hammond Glider Trim Saw

This saw has the 1/72" precision micrometer left guide and blade vertical adjustment for *very* precision cutting of wood, lead and wood-mounted metal engravings
Model # 3100 Serial Number 12842

Hammond Glider Trim SawHammond Glider Trim Saw

Pleasecontact Nicole directly to make an offer on this Press, The Ludlow and/or the Hammond Glider Saw.

for more info on Vandercook Presses, please visit
Paul Moxon's Vandercook Site at http://vandercookpress.info/
Briar Press at http://www.briarpress.org/and
N.A. Graphics at http://nagraph.com/