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Back again - a Classic from the Past!

The Original Kelsey Company
Complete Printing Outfit
circa 1929
From the Excelsior Press, 2010

Kelsey Complete Printing Outfit
In  1929, The Kelsey Catalog offered this
"Complete Printing Outfit No. 1A"

This kit included everything one would need to set type, ink up the press and print - including the newly-developed Kelsey Printer's Guide.

This kit from the past has been revived for today's new generatio of printers and is available for

$775 + shipping

In 2010, The Excelsior Press, of Frenchtown, New Jersey, in association with Excelsior Company of Pawtucket, Rhode Island - well-known restorer of small platen presses - has reproduced a new Enhanced Complete Printing Outfit
Kelsey Excelsior 3x5 Platen Press
Kelsey Complete Printing Outfit 1a - circa 2010
Kelsey Excelsior 3x5 Press
Fully remanufactured by Excelsior Company, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Complete Enhanced 3x5 Printing Outfit
from Excelsior Press, Frenchtown, New Jersey

Original 1929 Kelsey Outfit No. 1a
 Excelsior Complete Printing Outfit, circa 2010

  • 3x5 Excelsior Press - new
  • Assortment of wood furniture
  • Gauge Pins
  • 1 font type & spaces
  • 12.5" square type case
  • leads & slugs
  • Tube of Black Ink
  • Chase bars
  • 1929 Kelsey Printer's Guide

  • 3x5 Kelsey Excelsior Press - fully restored
  • 3x5 Excelsior Furniture Font (recycled)
  • pack of 3 new Megill Spring Tongue Gauge Pins
  • 1 font new metal type w/spacing
  • 12.5" square type case
  • starter font of leads & slugs (recycled)
  • 4 tins colored ink (Van Son Rubber Base)
  • New Chase Bars
  • 1970 Kelsey Printer's Guide (authorized reprint)
  • 3x5 Tympan Paper pack - enough for 25 jobs
  • composing stick
  • Wooden Composing Stick holder
  • Wooden ink roller storage blocks 
  • ATF Printer's Instruction Charts
    (new 5x7 reprint - bound as a flip chart)
  • Wooden Thompson Cabinet Co Printer's ruler
price: $15.70 in 1929 dollars
Price: $775 in 2010 dollars

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