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City Stands and Type Cases

We were surprised to find
not the three case racks we thought we had, but four different-sized Open City Stands in the barn. Here they are, along with the Hamilton Steel Runner California Job Cases to store in them. Take your pick.

Four City Stands

Four Sets of City Stand Style Type Case Racks

8 Case City Stand Case Rack
8-Case City Stand
12 Case City Stand Case Rack
12-Case City Stand

15  Case City Stand Case Rack
15-Case City Stand
14  Case City Stand Case Rack
14-Case City Stand

 Ten California Job Cases

Ten Steel-runner Hamilton California Job Cases
with Hamilton handles, wooden fronts and masonite bottoms

Steel-runner California Job Cases

Steel-runner Hamilton California Job Case

City Stand Cross Pieces

City Stand Cross Pieces



page last updated December, 2018