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Colleen's California Job Case

(aka "printer's drawer")

This is an old-style "California Job Case" manufactured by Hamilton Equipment Company of Two Rivers Wisconsin.
It was used to hold lead Foundry Type at Hobson Press in Easton, Pennsylvania for many years, and was likely manufactured and sold to Hobson long before 1950, possibly as long ago as 1896, when the company was founded.

Many typesetters took letters from, and put letters back into this case. The last owner of Hobson Press told me that one of their typesetters had worked for them for over fifty years. That means 1946-1996, when they ceased operations. This case was old when he first used it... Now it begins its new life with you.


Hamilton California Job Case

As seen on eBay
... just another shadow-box to be...

Colleen's Type Case

Ready to ship - with a few interesting items added...

Challenge Wedge Quoinsx

Challenge Wedge Quoin Set & Reglet

Stuff in Case

Extras in the type case ~ just some things found around the shop...
Top left, some Challenge Wedge Quoins, used for locking up the type form in the press.
A Fancy "W"
A Fancy "V"
(both cast by American Type Founders)
Engraving of a Ford Logo
Foundry Casting of a Chevy Logo
A Ludlow Slug "Excelsior Press" - cast at the Excelsior Press on a 1929 Ludlow Model L Caster
Three versions of an address cast in Linotype Slugs as samples for some customer of Hobson Press many years ago...
"RUSH!" cast on a Ludlow line caster for use in making a rubber stamp long ago.
Out of image is an engraving mounted on wood.
Also included are proof prints of the items as well as the first advertising flier of the Excelsior Press, printed around 1962, but using some type which was set by Tony Rienzo in his shop circa 1930...

Vandercook Proof Press

1946 Vandercook model 4 Proof Press
(used to print proofs of the slugs and engravings)

Please remember, that the prints you have are the last prints to be made with these slugs, castings and engravings, and the Challenge Quoins spent many years locking up forms for printing, but are now simply a curiousity to view in your collection...

Colleen - So, to make up for the delay in shipping your type case to you, and since I sensed that you might appreciate this, I have added a few small items to the type case and photographed them and printed the last prints of them - and made this web page ~  a little bit of history - just for you...

Thank you for being patient with me.

Alan Runfeldt
Printer ~ Typographer ~ Historian