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10x15 Heidelberg Windmill Platen Press
for sale or rent
This press can be seen running at the Excelsior Press - or on TV!
This press was recently used in filming of a new TV pilot for USA Networks. Watch for the pilot of "White Collar" on USA Networks to see this press in operation - and come back here to see photos of the event.

News Flash -
USA Network's New TV Show "White Collar"
debuts this week -
10:00 pm Friday, Oct 23, 2009 on USA Network

and will feature our Heidelberg Windmill in the "counterfeitters" scene..

See trailer

Heidelberg Windmill Platen PressHeidelberg Windmill shield

This 10x15 Heidelberg Windmill Platen Press was in daily operation until the owner sold his building and retired. Then he brought this press - and a hand-fed Colt's Armory press, along with a Linotype, Intertype and Ludlow, to The Excelsior Press.

We have a similar Windmill which has been running reliably for over 30 years, as well as a number of other presses in the shop which handle all of our presswork quite well. We finally decided that we really don't need to have two Windmills for our work.

And besides, we need the space for our new Ludlow...

Barry ran this press for  some twenty years. Now it's time for you...

The press is in good shape and is in operation in our our shop now. It comes complete with the original Heidelberg 208-220 volt electric motor and switch, some "reasonably good" - and really quite usable - rollers, as well as spare rollers, tools, adapters, a die-cutting jacket and other parts you will need to put this press right to work...

Heidelberg Windmill tool tray

a pretty much complete tool rack

and a very full parts drawer, with nickel & brass guides, LOTS of new guide pins, spare roller bearings, all sorts of clips pieces and a lifetime supply of feed bar suckers
We also have operator's and parts manuals.

Heidelberg Windmill parts drawer    Heidelberg Windmill parts drawer

Heidelberg Windmill Platen Press - side view

Ready to move, easily accessible on ground level
and available in New Jersey for $4500

Heidelberg Press rental history:

TVM Production's "White Collar" for USA Networks

Heidelberg Windmill Platen Press for sale - on its skid

Bolted to its skid, ready to load for its trip to "the set"
and it's chance to achieve TV stardom...

(note the wide base of the skid beneath the press. Don't try to move a press like this unless you first build a wide base and bolt the press to it using 1/2" bolts.

Alan Runfeldt of Excelsior Press with Heidelberg Windmill on set of "White Collar"

Here's Alan with the Windmill on the set - in a cold warehouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The press made quite a hit among the crew. Of course, most had never seen - or heard - anything like it.

My job for the day was to run up and turn on the press and get it feeding when the director said "presses on", then run back behind the cameras just before she called for "action".

Bronwen Hughes with printer Alan Runfeldt and Heidelberg Windmill printing press on set of "White Collar"

Alan the printer, with Bronwen Hughes, director of USA Networks' new show "White Collar"...

updates on "White Collar" - by Jeff Eastin - due to premier by end of summer
New series will star Matthew Bomer, Tim DeKay
 USA Network Orders White Collar To Series
See White Collar Trailer

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We also rent smaller presses for stage plays.

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