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5x8 Kelsey Model U
Table Top Platen Press
at the Excelsior Press
available SOLD for $800

Kelsey Excelsior 6=5x8 Model U name plate

This press has not been fully restored with fresh paint or anything, and some is worn off, and some has been chipped off over the years, but it does not need such a thorough restoration to print well and to be used. I did clean some light surface rust off of the roller hooks frisket arms and also cleaned the back of the ink-stained ink table. The I cut some fresh packing for it and here it is. I am still waiting for a set of new rollers and to do some test prints - adjust the platen if needed, etc...

Otherwise, I feel as though this press is in fine shape and will be ready to return to service as soon as I get some good rollers on it.

5x8 Kelsey Excelsior Printing Press 5x8 Kelsey Excelsior left front

Parts cleane and refurbishe for Kelsey 5x8 press
It's important that the roller hooks be clean and rust and paint-free. Not only do the rollers have to roll freely within the hooks, but they hooks themselves must travel freely as the rollers move up and down through their inking path.

The frisket fingers, as well,must be clean, since they will be touching the paper.