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Chandler & Price Hand Fed platen press

Meaghan's Press

Preparing Meaghan's Press for shipment to Australia
Cleaned gears on 10x15 C&P Printing Press

Meaghan could not find a 10x15 C&P near Melbourne, Australia, so she's asked that we ship this one - which came from Albion Press in Stockton, NJ and has been with us for a few years. At the left is a shot of the press as it was being moved into the workshop for restoration. The photo on the right shows the now-cleaned gears. Below are some videos of the press running.

Note: Before the press was turned over under power, every oil hole was cleaned - using drill bits, a large nail and many oil-soaked cotton swabs - and lubricated - first with WD-40, then with 30 weight non-detergent motor oil. Excess grease and 'gunky build-up' was removed from the gears and all surface rust was removed using oil, many, many scotch-brite pads, some muriatic acid and a commercial mixture marketed as "Prep & Etch".

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

10 x15 C&P platen press on skid
Meaghan's 10x15 C&P on skid

The crate we are building will be similar to the one shown below.
Our crate will be 48x52x61" with an estimated weight of 1800 pounds.
Shipping to Austalia will take 41 days at sea.

10x15 Chandler & Press platen press in crate from 1930's

Chandler & Price Platen Press - still in crate from the 1930's
Note the strong cross-bracing.

This crate was desiged to protect the press during truck, rail or sea shipment.
In fact, in some cases, the press would have been delivered on a horse-drawn wagon driven by a real "teamster" and would be unloaded onto a dock or slid down ramps to the ground.
Forklifts not always available...
10x15 Chandler & Price Platen Press - crated - rear view
Rear View

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Meaghan's Wood
This is the new lumber I bought to build her crate.

Roughing out the crate, considering design options - and figuring out what it will take to keep the press secure in transit.