equipment in use at the Excelsior Press

Boxing up a 5x8 Kelsey Press

for safe shipping

Too many of these presses are damaged in transit. Some folks think that simply stuffing a carton with peanuts or newspaper is enough to hold a 65# press in place. It's not.

Others do worse. And, you most definitely cannot rely upon employees of a UPS Store to properly package your press. Be sure to buy insurance!

  The two approaches we take involve either using Instapaks to create form-fitting foam cushions and/or adding light wood bracing to the carton to immobilize the press and using one Instapak on top.
The photos below show one approach - one that is proven to work and get the press safely to its destination

Materials to crate up
                          5x8 press
Materials we used to crate this press -
  1. Black press base - bolt press to this
  2. plywood base board - cut to 18x18x24"
  3. cushion: 1" pink foam insulation - cut to 18x18x24"
  4. Various blocks of 1x3" lathe cut to fit around press base and hold it stable
  5. 2x3s used to build framing
  6. not seen: 2 18x18x24" heavy duty corrugated cartons from Home Depot ($3 each)
(We did not use the expanding spray foam, but used an Instapak instead)
5x8 press in position
                          on corrugated
Press - firmly affixed to base and in position on opened carton
note 1" foam insulation panel beneath press
press base + plywood panel + foam panel

5x8 press wrapped in
Press wrapped in plastic and blocked in place using 2x3s

5x8 press in box - with
Press in box with wooden bracing

(not shown: instapak bag on top, ink disk encased in foam cushion)
5x8 press in box -
                          ready to tape and ship
All packed. Note that we reversed the box so that Home Depot's advertising is facing in and the outside view is clean an uncluttered.
Now, just tape it up - with plenty of reinforced 2" wide strapping tape - add labels and send it on its way - safely.

page last updated  August 2017