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Chandler & Price Pilot Press
at the Excelsior Press
C&P serial # P5673 ~ available for $1500
update 10/05/07 - This press has been sold.
see how we pack a Pilot for shipping,

C&P Pilot Press
                          with PrintI've got to say that I am very impressed with this press and promise 100% satisfaction.

This thing prints as well as my 10x15. I am very, very impressed. I'm sure you will be pleased.

I just locked up this engraving as a quick and easy test, put on a fresh packing, (hard base sheet, two oiled sheets, one sheet 20# bond and one sheet 9# onionskin), inked up with some green ink.* and voila!


* (It took exactly 50 pulls on the lever to fully spread the ink on the table.)

I am very pleased with the inking, the impression, the overall operation and condition of adjustment.

The bales snap open and closed easily. The press motion is smooth. The ink table striker cam has been adjusted so that the table rotates smoothly at least two teeth per stroke. Impression is even and firm. Inking is efficient and smooth. Rollers and trucks fitted firmly. Ink rollers rotate down the form with no binding or slurring, providing excellent inking. All in all, this is a great press. I hate to part with it, but we need the money and neither my 9x13 Gordon to the left or my 10x15 C&P behind it to the right require pulling a lever over and over again...

But the lever pull is smooth and sure. The impression is strong. It feels good to me.

This press has not been repainted, and it still carries some ink and solvent stains from its earlier days in service, as well as small amounts of surface rust that has not been removed, but it works well and prints well and is ready to go to work as soon as it comes out of the crate and gets a form, some ink and some paper.

New, fitted ink rollers and a box of enough packing supplies for 50 jobs included. (Packing supplies include hard base boards, oiled sheets, 20# bond and  9# onionskin, all cut to fit the Pilot platen.)


C&P Chandler
                            & Price Pilot Press photo - left side


C&P Pilot Press rear view


Chandler & Price Pilot Right

(Note: Visible rust on tympan bales has been removed, frisket arm and shaft have cleaned and reinstalled..)

DIMENSIONS: 14"x32"x18", can be shipped in a stackable wooden crate. Weight: 200# (press) + ~20# (crate)